Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Minimal Summer Beauty Essentials

Everybody's make up/beauty routine changes in the summertime. We want stuff that's quick, light and doesn't melt off our face. We also want to take care of our body, making sure we don't get sunburn or dry skin. We can't forget our hair as well. In summer, our mission is to feel and look as cool as possible.

My attitude to summer has definitely improved over the last few years. I used to hate it and long for autumn so I could wear jumpers, not get sunburn and not feel like a sweaty mess. Autumn is still my favourite season, but you've got to enjoy the whole year, right? Therefore, I've learnt to embrace the summer months now, and make the most of the nice weather and all the time we get to spend outdoors. As someone who loves the beach and nature, how I could I not appreciate how bright everything looks in summer?

Now that my mindset has changed, my body has to adapt to summer as well. Here are the products that help me do that, as well as some tips that I've learnt over the years.


I'm going to start with bodycare, because I think taking care of your skin is more important than trying to make your make up last in the summer. I can't stress enough how important suncream is, and I'm not just saying it because I'm ginger! Everybody needs it, so find what works for you. I personally love Nivea's suncream, they also have an oil version if you prefer that. The smell reminds me of childhood holidays as well. It's also important to stay hydrated in the summer. It can be exhausting if you're dehydrated, so having plenty of water is essential. To feel fresh throughout the day, I always keep a drugstore body spray in my bag so I don't use up my expensive perfume so quickly. Body Fantasies is an amazing range as well as the 'So..' body mists. For special occassions, I will spray on my current perfume, Nomade by Chloe.


Hair can get pretty out of control in the summer, thanks to humidity and water at the beach or pool (or water fight haha). Dry shampoo is a must for festivals and holidays, where you want your hair to feel clean and fresh. It's also great for when you've just washed your hair, and you need an extra bit of grit and volume. I love the Tropical dry shampoo by Batiste at this time of year, it smells like paradise and the bottle is so colourful. I also like to use salt spray when I plait my hair to create beachy waves, and the L'Oreal hair oil to stop my hair from feeling dry. And if in doubt, sunglasses are the best way to keep your hair out of your face if you don't have a hair band nearby!

Make up

I'm all about minimal make up in the summertime. I don't want to feel heavy, I want to go out and have fun! On days where I need it, I'll use a light coverage foundation with SPF, but most of the time I skip foundation and just use concealer. My first essential is waterproof mascara, my holy grail product being the Miss Baby Roll Masacra by L'oreal. I avoid spending ages contouring, just a sweep of bronzer gives a nice warm look. My favourite is the L'oreal Back To Bronze compact. I love highlighter all year round, and this summer Fenty Beauty's Freestyle Kilawatt Highlight Duo is my favourite. It has one more subtle, creamy shade and one more glittery, intense shade for how much you want to glow. You could use this bronzer and highlighter as a really quick eye make up look as well. Sometimes I skip lip gloss or lipstick, but lip balm is an absolute must. My favourite is Carmex, I never leave the house without it. For days where I do want something on my lips, I go for something light and moisturising such as the L'oreal Color Riche Shine Lipsticks or the Revlon Ultra HD Lip Gel Lip Colour. Lastly, to make your make up last as long as possible, setting spray is your best friend. I love the new ones from the Body Shop, and the All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay is a well known favourite for many beauty lovers.

That concludes my summer beauty essentials. From bodycare, to hair, to make up, it's so important to take care of yourself in the hot weather. Then you can feel and look your best for whatever events come up. For the sun worshippers and the ones who would rather avoid it, try to make to most of it in a way that feels right for you.

What are your summer beauty essentials? Do you like summer?


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