Sunday, 13 August 2017

Morphe Palette Collection

Morphe are well known for their brushes and huge selection of palettes available. From eyes to blush to contour, their selection is endless. The pigmentation is amazing and their colours are gorgeous, so bound to find the perfect palette for you. I thought I'd show you the palettes I have in my collection...

The palettes I have are the 35O Nature Glow Palette and the 35K Colour Koffee palette. They both have 35 shades and are £22.50 each. They are definitely worth the money because you get such a wide selection of colours for just over £20. They are both very pigmented and you can create an endless amount of looks with them.

The biggest difference between these palette is obviously the colours. The 35O palette is very warm and inspired by colours of a sunset. It reminds of late summer and autumn, with lighter warm shades, oranges, lots of brown and a bit of burgundy. However, the 35K has more neutral and cool tones, inspired by colours of coffee. There is a selection of light shades, brown and some blue and grey toned shades. This palette would be great for everyday neutrals, and the overall colour palette reminds me of winter. The 35O is my favourite out of these palettes, but they are both stunning!

There is my little summary of Morphe palettes. As I said earlier, the selection is endless so I will leave the link here if you want to look at more Morphe palettes. Let me know if you have any Morphe palettes, or whether you've heard of them.


  1. Both of these palettes look gorgeous! I've got one Morphe palette, but I really want the 350!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. The Glow palette looks so pretty! I have tried a few different products from Morphe & have always been so impressed. x

    Jordan Alice

  3. I don’t usually use eyeshadow but honestly these are sooo beautiful!!
    xx Ele | http://elewithlove.it/



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