Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Summer Primark Haul

I must admit that I'm not the best at summer shopping. I much prefer jumpers, jeans, boots and all the warm clothes of Autumn and Winter. However, it's summer now and I'm trying to embrace all the seasons this year, even if I do prefer one to the other. Life is about living in the present after all! I'm also going on holiday to Tenerife at the end of the summer, so that makes summer even more exciting. With that being said, I took myself to Primark to pick up some summer bargains.

Playsuits are so easy to wear in the summer because you can make an outfit with one thing and they're so nice and light. I love the two I picked up from Primark, the prints are perfect for summer! The black playsuit is perfect for the beach or by the pool and the print is so cute -  who doesn't love pineapples and flamingos? The second playsuit is so vibrant and flowy, I can imagine this on summer days out or even going out in the evening for cocktails. It's such a versatile piece! Both of these playsuits were £6. SO GOOD.

Primark also have a great selection of basic bodycon dresses for just £5. I picked up this red stripy one because red seems to be a big trend this summer, and I don't wear it very often so I wanted something bright for summer. This is such a nice, casual dress that can be worn with a a denim jacket, converse or sandals for a perfect summer outfit. I got this in a size 8 and it fits so well. They also had grey, black, navy and khaki, so it wouldn't hurt to pick up a few more and have some great summer basics.

Little shorts like these are essential for summer - from wearing over swimwear to hot days in the garden. Primark has an endless selection of these light and comfortable shorts. The terracotta pair really suit my skin tone, and the black and white pair has such a cool print. Both of these were £3.50!

Lastly, these sunglasses are probably my favourite part of this haul! These cat eye sunglasses are so cool that I had to get them in two colours - blue and rose gold. I didn't think these would suit me at first, but when I tried them I was pleasantly surprised as they really suited my face shape. As well as that, the frame across the top of the lenses is so on trend this summer. At just £3, they're a great accessory to any summer outfit.

That rounds up my summer Primark haul, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was another one soon!
Let me know what you liked in this haul, and what shops you've been loving this summer. 

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  1. You picked up so many lovely pieces! I've found shopping for Summer clothes so difficult this season, as I've struggled to find anything that I like! I adore those sunglasses!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush



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