Sunday, 23 July 2017

4 Ways to Pick Yourself Up

We all have those days where we feel down and don't want to do anything. It can be so easy to slip into a negative mindset, but there are subtle thing you can do to pick yourself up and try to make the day a bit more positive.

1. Get ready - Feeling fresh and ready for the day can really lift your mood, even if your staying at home. Changing out of your PJs and into clean loungewear, and cleaning your face can wake you up. You could also put on some make up and paint your nails, anything to make you feel more put together!

2. Get outside - I'm an introvert, but I can feel so restless if I've been at home for too long. Spending time with nature is very beneficial - simply having some time in the garden, going out for a walk can feel so calming and refreshing. Getting out and about by yourself or with your loved ones can feel so nice.

3. Music - This is my favourite way to pick myself up. I have no musical talent, but nothing makes me happier than putting on my favourite music when I'm feeling down. Pick some tunes and chill out or have a little dance to your favourite music.

4. Smell the roses - Light a candle, spray some perfume or surround yourself with fresh flowers. A little burst of happiness can come from something that smells nice and fresh.

How do you like to pick yourself up when you're feeling down?


  1. getting out of the house is how i pick myself up. a walk can help with so many things.


  2. These are great tips!

    Emily xo



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