Sunday, 26 February 2017

8 Ways to Treat Yourself

Following my post about 10 ways to cheer yourself up, one of  my top ways to do so was treat yourself. As people are becoming more focused on themselves in society, we're realising the importance of taking care of ourselves, which helps us take care of others better, too. As long as you find a balance between taking care of yourself and being loving towards others, self love is by no means selfish. Here is a list of the simplest ways to treat yourself...

1. Sweet treats - chocolate, sweets, doughnuts, ice cream - whatever you fancy
2. Retail therapy - nothing screams 'treat yourself' like a little (or big!) shopping spree
3. Window shopping - can be just as therapeutic as the point above, have a browse and find some inspiration
4. Reading a book - take a break and escape from reality for a little while
5. Have a bath - Pop in a bath bomb (or whatever bath product of your choice) and relax
6. Watch a childhood or feel-good film - anything that makes you smile
7. Pizza - no explanation needed.
8. Have a pamper evening - cleanse, tone, moisturise, paint your nails and let go of any worries.

How do you like to treat yourself?



  1. A Bath & Book are my fave, but I also like turning off all social media and just binge watching TV/ movies. It's so relaxing just to shut out the world.

    The Crown Wings

  2. Lovely list! I think it's really important to treat yourself, and everything on here is great! x


  3. Such a lovely list I always love a good lush bath bomb when I need a pamper day


  4. Retail therapy is definitely the way I cheer myself up! It always makes me feel better haha x
    Kate// itskaterose.com



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