Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Three Things

I wrote a blog post ages ago explaining that every once in a while, I will post a little something about what I'm enjoying or what's been on my mind. So, here is the latest addition...

Simple make up

I've really been enjoying wearing softer make up or 'no make up' make up lately. It's so much quicker in the mornings and I really like a more natural look. Sometimes on my fair skin, lighter make up is more flattering for everyday. Maybe I'm using this time as a break before the festive season begins and full glam is underway...

The build up to Christmas has begun

Speaking of the festive season, the shops are piling up with Christmas gifts and decorations, and your favourite coffee shop has probably started selling it's festive drinks. The build up to Christmas is really starting to kick in. It almost feels to soon to get excited, but I can't help it!

Being grateful for people in your life

One of the most valuable things I've learnt this year is to surround yourself with positive, like minded people. Those you can truly be yourself around and they love you for that. Sometimes you realise those people have been there all along, and you realise how grateful you are to have them in your life.


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  1. That mac palette is just everything tbh its so perfect for autumn :) x




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