Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

This is a review on one of my favourite beauty purchases of the year: the Naked Ultimate Basics eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. As the name suggests, this is the latest addition to their Naked range and more specifically their Naked eyeshadow palettes, an old but cult beauty favourite! I picked this up the day it came out whilst shopping with a friend (she bought it too!), and now I feel ready to share my thoughts on it. You may be pleased to know they are all positive!

Starting of with how the palette looks, this palette consists of 12 eyeshadows, the standard amount in all Naked palettes. However, unlike the four previous palettes, this is a square shape rather than a rectangle. I think this is much easier to hold, and to carry around with you. The square mirror also means you can see your whole face when applying your make up instead of just your eyes. This makes it useful to travel with and even out your make-up. The smaller brush is also useful for patting on colour on one end, and blending on the other! The outside packaging is a gorgeous, Insta-worthy rose gold, and it feels pretty secure so there's no worries of the palette breaking. In terms of looks, I think this is the prettiest Naked palette so far!

But of course, you're not going to spend £38 on an eyeshadow palette if the quality isn't good. But this one certainly is! The shade range is ideal, with a mix of cool, warm and neutral shades to see you through all the seasons and suit any skin tone. They can also be used to create an endless amount of eyeshadow looks, natural to smoky. My and my friend often discuss what look we've put together when we see each other! 11 of these shades are matte, a big trend in 2016, with the first white eyeshadow having a hint of shimmer that is excellent for highlighting the inner corners or brow bone, or lightly brushing over the any of the matte shades. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is excellent, and they feel so soft. Due to that, they are very easy to blend. However, it is recommended to use an eyeshadow primer to make the colours last even longer. Here are some swatches of each shade, with a description as well.

Blow - pale nude  // Nudie - nude pink // Commando - light taupe // Tempted - pale brown // Instinct - medium taupe // Lethal - burgundy//

Pre-game - pale yellow // Extra Bitter - burnt orange // Faith - medium warm brow // Lockout - neutral brown // Magnet - smoky grey (glitter is fallout from another product) // Blackout - warm black //

To summarise, I'm really happy with this palette. I've been searching for an all matte palette for ages, and although there may be cheaper ones available this is definitely worth the money. It's become one of my go to palettes for sure, as matte eye shadow can be as subtle as you want it to be.The shade range is fantastic and it's almost to pretty to use.  Another winner from my one of my favourite make up brands!

Let me know if you've tried the Ultimate Naked Basics Palette, or any of the other Naked palettes! What is your go-to eyeshadow palette?


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