Sunday, 4 September 2016

Autumn/Winter 2016 Wishlist

Tomorrow is the beginning of September (!!), and although it's not officially Autumn until 22nd September, I couldn't resist putting up an Autumn wishlist quite early. Sorry to offend all of you who love the sun, but I'm definitely one of those people who prefers Autumn and Winter.

As soon as August is over, my true colours show and I'm in full on Autumn mode with no regrets. Check out last year's 'Things I Love About Autumn' to try and feel better about saying goodbye to summer, or to make you more excited like me! When the A/W fashion starts coming into stores I can barely contain my excitement to see all the colours and warm clothes. My style is quite feminine/preppy/smart casual (think Spencer from PLL, or Taylor Swift) and it comes through even more during Autumn and Winter.

Toward the end of August, I had a look at my wardrobe to see what I would need this year and put together a wishlist. Be prepared for coats, jumpers, boots and all the cosy clothes that Autumn brings us!

Yes, there are two winter coats up there, I just couldn't decide between them because the colours are so gorgeous. I've never owned a navy coat before, I think it's a nice alternative to black and this coat from Topshop looks so smart.  I was actually thinking account getting a dark green coat this year, as most shades of green work really well against my red hair, just like the shade of this coat from Red Herring at Debenhams.

Another colour that basically screams autumn and winter for me, and would go really well with both coats, is burgundy. The leather skirt from New Look the perfect item for this time of year, and would look ideal with a black polo neck top, which you can find anywhere I also spotted these boots in Primark, would I would pretty much live in during the colder months, and how pretty is the band of gold on the heel? There is also a burgundy thin-knit jumper from Dorothy Perkins in the top left corner, you may not be able to see very well but it has gold buttons on the sleeves. Throw it on with a pair of jeans, boots and a coat and your good to go.

Checkered print is something that seems to come back around every year, the monochrome top from Dorothy Perkins very smart-casual and would look really fashionable with a high waisted skirt or pair of jeans. The checkered skirt from New Look has a pop of red which makes it perfect for winter, and could be worn with several tops from black to white to burgundy.

A few items don't really fit into a category, but they're definitely still worth mentioning! If you look closely at the white jumper from Topshop, you'll see that it has some adorable floral cutwork detail on the shoulders. I think that looks so delicate and girly. Quite a contrast from delicate and girly, this khaki, boyfriend style jumper (also Topshop) is not my usual style but I think it's so cool and looks so comfortable. It would be perfect to throw on for college, and I'm so glad that Khaki isn't going anywhere this season as it's one of my favourite colours to wear.

How cool is the star print blouse from Nine by Savannah Miller? It literally makes me think of winter, and would look so cool at Christmas time (yes I just said the C word, I don't care if it's too soon.). We finish this wishlist with a classic pair of black chelsea boots (Faith at Debenhams) - an A/W staple in my opinion.

Do you like Autumn/Winter and/or it's fashion? Is there anything you've had your eye on (or have now because of this wishlist!) recently?


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