Wednesday, 14 September 2016

6 Songs That Make Me Happy

I was sitting down the other day with my music on shuffle and it inspired me to write a post about songs that make me smile as soon as they play. I didn't even need to think about what as songs as they all popped into my head naturally.

The Wanted - Glad You Came

This was the song that came on shuffle that instantly made me write this post! I was the biggest fan on The Wanted since I was 12, and although they're not together now, I still support all the boys and love them all to pieces at nearly 18. So whenever I hear this song, the song that made me a fan, it instantly makes me smile and reminds of the memories with the boyband that saw me through my teenage years! It's more than just a party song to me haha.

Little Mix - Black Magic

There is no better song to lift you up when you're feeling a bit down. Black Magic is just such a fun, catchy song the brightens up my day. I'm a huge huge fan of the girls and let me tell you, this song is even more energetic live!

Beyonce - Flawless

Now, this song makes me happy because it literally makes me feel like I can conquer anything. It makes me feel happy AND confident. Flawless is so sassy and empowering, just like the Queen Bey herself. The remix featuring Nicki Minaj takes it to a whole other level. GIRL POWER.

Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone

I've only become a fan of Shawn Mendes this year, his songs are beautiful and he seems like such a humble guy, plus he's only the same age as me! Anyway, this song has to be my favourite because the music is so calming and the lyrics are so cute. Complete contrast to the last song I mentioned, but provokes a a different kind of happiness.

Jess Glynne - Gave Me Something

For my holiday to Weymouth this year and last year, my family had Jess Glynne's album pretty much on repeat, and it was this song inparticular that had us singing at the top of our lungs. It's a very loud, soulful and uplifting song.

Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You

The lyrics are absolutley beautiful and Ellie Goulding's voice sounds so gentle. It's the song that features in the film About Time, which is one of my favourite films.

This post was completely random but I really hoped you enjoyed it! What are six songs that make you happy?


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