Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Favourite Youtubers - 2015

One of the first posts I wrote on this blog was about my favourite YouTube channels. However, that was over two years ago. I thought it would be fun to share my current favourites, and they might even be your favourites too!

1. FleurDeForce - Fleur is probably my favourite! Her videos are consistently good and honest. My style is quite similar to hers, so I love her fashion videos just as much as her beauty videos. She's done some super exciting things over the last year, which include releasing a book and a make up range. It's so exciting to see great youtubers like her do so well, but her vlogs and personality will show you how down to earth she is (as well as how adorable her dogs are!).

2. Velvetgh0st / Gabriella Lindley - I feel like me and Gabriella would get along so well if we were friends in real life, haha! I think she's so funny and real, and our common love for cats, Disney, Pretty Little Liars, and the same music (Taylor, Ariana, Selena, Fifth Harmony..) make me love her even more. I love her hauls & make up tutorials, as well as her vlogs which always make me laugh!

3. LucyAndLydia - Lucy and Lydia are adorable! They're so bubbly and enthusiastic, which makes them seem so nice and funny. They put an amazing amount of work into their videos, if you watch their Get The Look videos, you'll see what I mean. They're so detailed! Similarly to Gabby, I like loads of the same artists as them (and PLL!), they just seem like so much fun!

4. SacconeJoly's - If you're ever having a bad day, this channel will definitely cheer you up. This channel shares the daily life of Anna and Jonathan, and their adorable children Emilia and Eduardo! They're so sweet to watch.

5. Aspyn Ovard/ Aspyn and Parker - I knew I had to include Aspyn in this post! Her main channel videos are so colourful and fun to watch. Aspyn also shares a vlog channel with her husband (they got married last week! Watch the video, t's so cute!) Parker, where they upload pretty much daily.

Who are your favourite youtubers? Do we have any in common? There are so many more I could have included, but I think five is enough for now. Maybe I'll write a part two soon!


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  1. I am a bit obsessed with Fleur ahah! She never fails to make me smile. Aspyn & Parker's wedding video was so beautiful - I hope I have a wedding like that! Some of my favourites are meowitslucy, Daniel J Layton & Tess Christine and more recently, Karlie Kloss' videos too :) I love this post Emily!

    Helena xo



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