Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

Cleaning make-up brushes is such a chore; but once their done, there's nothing better than a clean set of brushes. Ready to use, mess & bacteria free! My way of cleaning brushes is so simple but still effective...

I don't have a professional brush cleaning product, so I just use shampoo which works perfectly. The one I'm using at the moment is from the Herbal Essences Naked range, so it's free from supposedly harmful chemical, which is good for cleaning something that's going on your face! This also has a grapefruit & mint fragrance; so my brushes smelt AMAZING after using it.

To clean them, I fill the sink up with warm water, squeeze in some shampoo and lather it up (like you would when washing up or having a bath). Then I wash each brush one by one and if the water is noticeably dirty, I'll refill the sink. If the make up is hard to remove, I'll lather up shampoo in my hand and rub the brush in my palm. 

After that, I lay the brushes on a dry flannel or small towel, sometimes i'll light a candle for extra warmth and to help the brushes dry. Several hours later, my brushes are lovely and dry. It's also important for me to apply some hand cream because my hands feel quite dry after cleaning my brushes. Soap & Glory's Hand Food is a really good one!

And that's how I clean my make up brushes, I think this is quite a popular method within the blogging community. You might have recognized the Zoeva rose gold brushes in this post..a review will be coming soon!

How do you clean your make up brushes?


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