Sunday, 13 September 2015

30 Things That Make Me Happy

'Things That Make Me Happy' posts are one of my favourite posts to read. They're so simple, but you can learn so much about someone and what they enjoy. You might even find that you have several things in common. I thought it was about time that I wrote one of these posts, so here are 25 things that make me happy in no particular order...

1. My family
 2. Vanilla Lattes
3. London.
4. Buying new stationery
4. YouTube
5. Autumn - the colours, the clothes, the drinks, the events...everything!
5. Buying CD's
6. Reading books and magazines.
7. Cats - from lions, tigers and other wild cats to my own little cat Bobby. I love all cats!
8. The first page of a new notebook
9. Compliments - giving or receiving them, they can make someone's day!
10. Curling my hair
11. Music - 
12. Fun holidays.
13. When a new series of a TV show I love starts.
14. Concerts - hundreds of people coming together to enjoy music creates one of the best atmospheres ever.
15. Fireworks
16. Christmas!
17. Seasonal candles - fresh in the summer, spicy in the autumn..
18. Applying eyeliner without a single cotton bud needed!
19. Disney
20. Flowers
21. Pizza!
22. Pretty Little Liars
23. Going to new places.
24. Nice, positive people.
25. Chocolate
26. Knowing that people the you care about are happy.
27. Being productive!
28. Listening to the rain.
29. Going for walks.
30. Blogging - of course!

What makes you happy? Feel free to leave a comment, or even write your own post if you're a fellow blogger! 


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  1. I agree, there is something strangely stasfying about buying CD's and its the same with DVD's. Lovely post x




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