Sunday, 19 July 2015

Things I Love About Summer

We are well into summer now and I hope you're enjoying it. For most schools, the summer holidays begin very soon (mine started a few weeks early once exams had finished). As well as that, I'll be going on holiday to in a couple of weeks. Although I'm an autumn and winter girl at heart, I still enjoy the summer as well. With that being said, I thought I would create a list of what I love about summer...

1. The weather - if we're lucky, here in the UK!

2. Holidays - At home or abroad, they're a great way to relax, create memories and have fun.

3. Barbecues - The smell just reminds me of summer, such good food!

4. The beach - Who doesn't love the beach? It's such a relaxing, fun, happy place.

5. Summer dresses - Floral, stripy, colourful, whatever you prefer. They're definitley my favourite thing to wear during summertime.

6. Less/lighter make up - Nothing worse than heavy make-up melting off on a hot day!

7. Having time off - For the kids at least!

8. Sunsets - One of the most relaxing and beautiful sights we're lucky to have.

9. Picnics - such a cute thing to do whether it's with your family or your friends

10. Ice Cream - yummy!

11. Summer Songs - Everyone has a list of songs that they love to listen to in the summer, and every year we're greeted with more!

12. Bright colours - The sun makes everything look a bit brighter and inspires people to wear more colour.

13. Festivals - Definitely one of my favourite things about summer. Good food, music, fashion and fun!

What do you love about summer? Are you going on holiday or have you already been?

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