Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Blogging/Youtube Influence

I’ve been involved in the blogging/YouTube world for a good few years now; both reading/watching and creating my own content. Now it’s part of my everyday life and I’m happy to be part of this ever-growing community. I’ve learnt a lot from the content creators as well as the posts/videos they make and they’ve influenced me in many ways. Some of them are funny, whereas some of the reasons are sweet and a little bit deeper. Either way, you might find them relatable...

1. A constant wishlist of beauty/fashion/homeware/stationary/etc that NEVER stops growing!
2. Learning more about places around the world thanks to travel posts, vlogs and people who live in different locations.
3. Having a clearer idea of what suits me fashion & beauty wise (make up and skincare).
4. Encouraging me to experiment with my style and change it up sometimes.

5. A deeper obsession with candles, stationery, Disney, rose gold...I could go on!
6. Being given tips/advice on every aspect of life from confidence to fashion, beauty, health & fitness, education and more in an friendly, relatable way!
7. To be more positive and appreciate the little things in life.
8. Lots of quotes!

9. To give compliments to people and see the good in everyone, but also remember that no one is perfect.
10. Making Christmas slightly more exciting – vlogmas, gift guides, music, jumpers... just a very happy time in general!
11. To be more accepting of people’s beliefs, opinions, interests and personal style.
12. To work hard to get to where you want to be and put in the effort to achieve your goals.

13. That if you be yourself and stay true to you, the right audience and people will come your way.
14. Realising that more expensive products aren’t a waste of money, and cheaper alternatives can be just as good!
15. Finding/talking to people with the same interests and making friends, and even finding new interests.
16. Being inspired to start my own blog!

If any fellow bloggers are reading this post, I hope you relate to some of these points and comment below anything else you've learnt through blogging/Youtube! However, if you're not a content creator, I hope you enjoyed learning how great blogging can be. 


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