Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pinboard - Summer Update

My pin-board one of my favourite things in my room, whatever you put on there adds that extra bit of personality.

I change it around whenever we enter a new season, so it puts me in a good mood for that time of year whenever I look at it.

As you may be able to tell, summer has taken over! You'll find beautiful beaches, pools and some of my favourite cities in the sunshine. There are a few sunsets as well, because they're just one of the beautiful things that summer brings.

Pictures of my friends, family and celebrities always have a space as well. Some photos bring back fun memories and some of them inspire me because the people on here make me very happy. Seeing as it's summer, I hope to add more pictures over the next couple of months because we'll have the time off to have more fun!

My pin-board isn't complete without a few cute, uplifting quotes. They're all bright and colourful to match the summer theme. The pink 'you are beautiful...' one is my favourite. As usual, there's a couple of Taylor Swift lyrics as well from Shake It Off and 22.

Do you have a pin-board, or lots of pictures in your room? How do you like to make your space perfect for you?


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