Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Favourite Instagram Accounts

I love Instagram. There's something so satisfying about scrolling through beautiful pictures and sharing your own. My feed pretty much consists of travel, beauty and celebrities. I love pages that make me feel happy and positive; here are some of my favourites...

Becca Rose - Becca, who some of you may know of through Youtube, has the one of the most picturesque Instagram accounts. It's pretty and feminine with the most beautiful shots of London from time to time.

Mimi Ikonn - Mimi's feed is full of style, travel and positivity just like her amazing youtube channel. She's always travelling so there's lovely pictures of beautiful destinations. Also, every photo has a quote for an extra addition of positivity. 

Paris In Four Months - This account has the prettiest pictures of Paris all year round. Every time a I see a picture, I wish I could be in Paris!

The Daily Positive - Motivating quotes and beautiful photography.

The Happy Page - An adorable account that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It simply lists things that make people happy with cute little cartoon to match. 

City Of New York - The clue's in the title: this account is all about NYC with stunning shots of the city skyline and life on the streets.

London - Can you guess what this page is about? Haha. The final account I'm going to mention has amazing pictures taken all over the city of London.
What are your favourite Instagram accounts?



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