Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Quick Dry Nail Spray - A lifesaver!

Waiting for your nail polish to dry is never fun, right? Especially when you're trying not to smudge them as well. That's why several nail polish brands and more have their own quick-dry nail sprays: lifesavers! I have two here for you from Elegant Touch and Leighton Denny.

Elegant Touch can be found in the drugstore with their fabulous stick-on nails. This spray works wonders and leaves your nails dry in 60 seconds at a price of £2.90!

This spray costs £11, so more expensive than Elegant Touch but still just as good! The mist also conditions the cuticles whilst speeding up drying time.

There you go, one product at two different prices. If you don't already own a quick-dry spray for your nails I strongly recommend them as they save you a bit of time and prevent smudging. As well as that, there are plenty of quick -dry nails polishes available everywhere!

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