Friday, 13 February 2015

Who's Taylor Swift anyway? Ew.

*The title of this post is from the song 22, I didn't make it up. That would have been weird*

As you may know by now, I have a lot of love for Taylor Swift. I've been a fan of her for quite a few years and her music is known all over the world. She may have sold millions of records, but she is one in a million. Despite her talent and success, she so down to earth and is one of the kindest celebrities in the music industry, especially towards her fans. It's been just over a year since I saw Taylor live at the Red tour, and the music video or Style is released today. Therefore I thought I would share with you why so many people, like myself, are truly inspired by Taylor Swift...

'It's like I got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be alright...' Shake It Off, 1989

Taylor Swift at the KIIS FM’s 2014 Jingle Ball

Of course, her music. It's why we know Taylor, its what she does for a living! Over the past few years Taylor's music has connected with millions of people. Fans admire her relatable, honest lyrics and catchy. inspiring songs. Taylor is so passionate about music and songwriting and it truly shows through her songs. Yes, many of her songs are about the ups and downs of relationships but she has also written about bullying (Mean), having fun with your friends (22), growing up (Never Grow Up) and forgetting the haters (Shake It Off). Taylor always pulls of amazing videos that fit her songs perfectly, as well as live performances that blow people away.

'We never go out of style..' Style, 1989

I've mentioned Taylor's style numerous times on emilymillerloves because I love it so much. Her outfits are put together so well and always looks very sophisticated. From the red carpet to casual candids, Taylor style is on point all year round. As she grows up, her style becomes more mature whilst keeping that feminine touch.  However, what I love most about Taylor's style is that she always stays true to herself. I love it when she pairs a crop top with matching bottoms, as well as her signature winged eyes and red lips. She wears what she feels comfortable wearing, whilst still not being afraid to try something new.

'I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you' - Long Live, Speak Now

The relationship that Taylor has with her fans (or swifties) is unlike any other artist. She truly appreciates and cares about us; she lets know that. Taylor is forever connecting with her fans via Tumblr and Instagram, she'll chat & fan-girl with us like we're her friends. She also uses social media to send considerate, heartwarming messages if they're going through a rough time, again like a best friend would. Taylor loves her fans, and they love her right back. Taylor has also been sending gifts to fans and invited them to her own houses to listen to 1989 early! Taylor Swift has a heart of gold when it comes to her fans!

'Too late is never too late to be brand new' - Innocent, Speak Now

Taylor is simply a good person. That's another reason why she's so inspiring. She is so nice to people and respectful, and it shows because people have good things to say about her. Despite being one of the most successful artists on the planet, at award shows you'll always see her dancing and cheering on other artists. Her life is under a microscope 90% of the time but she is so down to earth. I think Taylor is very strong, courageous and confident, but also very caring, grateful and sweet.

'Someday I'll be living in a big old city' - Mean, Speak Now

Taylor has worked hard for her success, and I admire her for that. She's gone from singing about finding a place in this world to living in one of the worlds biggest cities. She may have had some criticism along the way, but that made her work harder. Taylor is an incredible example of someone who believes in herself, is passionate about what she does, works hard and enjoys herself. Those four factors are extremely important and it's something I've learned from Taylor over the last few years.

There are so many people, famous or not, that I idolize; Taylor is one of them. I feel like I've grown up with her and her music. She is a wonderful person and I'm glad I have a woman like her to look up to. Therefore, I hope you enjoyed reading this post about Taylor, maybe you love her as well! If not, that's completely fine because everybody has their own idols. Who inspires you and why?


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