Friday, 6 February 2015


Tumblr, what would I do without it? I probably wouldn't procrastinate as much! I'm not planning on deleting it though. I signed up a couple of years ago and I was so confused at first, but you get used to it in no time. Like all the others, it's a way to share your opinions/interests and connect with people. In my opinion, Tumblr is a great social network which I never get bored of. I thought I'd tell you why...

Your blog, your rules.
What I love most about Tumblr is that you can make your blog about anything you want. You can customize it however you want. Some people like their blog to be a certain theme; from beaches to Taylor Swift to food. Whereas some users don't have a theme, they have a collection of everything they love, like me! Honestly, if you took a scroll through my blog it would be like scrolling through my mind because there's fashion, beauty, music, cities, food, quotes, flowers, beaches...basically everything I love. Everybody's Tumblr is different.

Tumblr is huge, and you can find some of the most beautiful pictures on there. When you find a good blog, you can scroll for ages staring at the relaxing photos of the beach, or mouth-watering food. Whenever I feel like updating my pin-board, I'll always go to Tumblr of inspiration. I tend to use Tumblr as an alternative to Google images. If you're into photography and want to share your creativity, Tumblr is a great way to do that because it's social media. You can also show your editing skills as I see some of the cleverest, prettiest editing on there.
Quotes are very popular on Tumblr, whether it's a picture or a piece of text. Sometimes you can find ones that make you think a different way and inspire you. I love quotes and the ones from my 'Thinking Positive' posts are always found on Tumblr. Some of the beautiful photos can inspire you, too.

Express yourself
Every form of social media allows you to express yourself and connect with people. A lot of then time I notice people coming to Tumblr to talk about their problems, and their is always someone who will reply and try to help. You can write something and you'll notice thousands of people feel the same way. People also talk about current events on Tumblr. On the other hand, if you belong to a fan base, there are thousands of blogs that love the same artists/movies/TV shows as you. You can obsess over your idol to your hearts content without feeling like you're the only one! If your lucky, you might even get noticed by your idol (Taylor is always on tumblr talking to her fans!).

It's relaxing
There are many ways to relax. You can read a book, watch TV or go for a walk. Do whatever helps you to relax. One of my favourite ways to relax at the end of the day is to open up tumblr and just scroll. Immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful world of Tumblr.

This post is something quite different from me, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I think I'm going to incorporate more random/lifestyle posts on here instead of fashion and beauty all the time. That way, I have a lot more ideas for content. If you have tumblr, perhaps you agreed with some of the points I made. If you don't, this might have inspired you to try it out!

That's all for this post, guess where I'm going now...


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