Friday, 20 February 2015

New Things

Trying new things can be a lot of fun. Here are four things that I am eager to try out regarding fashion, beauty and food. These are things I've seen around for ages, but never had the confidence to try them myself! Better late than never, I suppose..

1. Red Lips
I've been watching beauty videos and reading posts etc for nearly 2 years and I've never bought or even tried a red lip! It's an iconic make up look that suits any skin tone if you chose the right ones. I thought I could never pull of a red lip because I've never tried one! Better late than never I suppose, look out for a red lip post soon!

2. Bronzer
With my pale skin, I've always been scared to try out bronzer because I thought it wouldn't suit me. However, there are many beautiful bloggers/youtubers with fair skin like me that can work bronzer perfectly, so why do I need to worry? I think it's all about choosing the right one that's not too dark; and I've had my eye on The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer for a while..

3. Crop tops with high waisted or matching bottoms
I love the look of crop tops with high waisted jeans/skirts/shorts but I've always thought that it wouldn't be flattering on me. It's a trend that's been around for ages and you don't have to show your whole belly, but just a little bit of skin. Also, I love the look of two pieces, matching crop tops with bottoms like Taylor Swift.

4. Smoothies
I already love smoothies, they're so fruity, refreshing and healthy. We're going to get a blender soon so I'm looking forward to trying out all sorts of delicious mixes. They're easy to make and will taste even better during Spring and Summer. Is it just me or does fruit become much more tasty and appetizing when the sun is out?

Are there any new things that you would like to try?


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