Saturday, 11 October 2014

Well hello there..

Long time no post, eh?

I am very much aware of how long I've been away from blogging and I have several reasons why. I've missed it and am pleased to say that I'm back and will try to post as often as I can. Over the last few months things have changed quite a bit but I am happy to say that's I have my blogging mojo back, haha.  So I think I should give you an update and the reasons for why I've been away...


My family have had to deal with a big loss over the last few months. Everybody faces losing somebody at some point in their life, and this was a huge shock for our family, friends or anyone close to us. A few months on things are getting better day by day, and with the tough days the good days come as well. Family and friends have been extremely important to me so I took some time away from blogging and YouTube. But we're okay, another event has made us very happy and kept us busy (read on to find out!). I'm so glad that I feel good enough to come back! 

Welcome to the world...

Despite the lows, in the summer we welcomed someone very special into our family. My baby brother Charlie was born Tuesday 19th August at 22:56! Of course we are very happy to have him, but it was quite a change in our household. A new baby creates a change for everybody so I've been quite distracted from the blog! We're getting more used to it everyday. With four big siblings, family and friends he is a very popular (and cute!) little boy. Here's a picture of Charlie in a very cute little hat...


Yep, for me it was back to school last month and I'm in Year 11! This is my last year of secondary school and involves a lot of hard work to achieve the best grades I can at the end. That being said, getting back to school has been another distraction from blogging but I will try to keep a good balance, but schoolwork comes first.

Lack of motivation/inspiration

Honestly, I haven't really found much motivation to blog. I struggled to think of ideas. It seemed like I wasn't really original, not good enough. Over the last couple of weeks I've been making a list of all sorts of posts for the future and it makes me so happy to have my motivation back. The truth to blogging is just write about anything you love, whether it's fashion, beauty, food or sport. If are passionate about something, or have thoughts to share, or have done something really amazing you can blog about it and anyone can enjoy reading it. It's great to read other blogs and find inspiration, but the best thing to do is be yourself when you blog and the right audience will come along. Basically, I have ideas and the motivation to share them, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts!

Thank you for reading this post, I understand why I've been away for a while. But I'm back and there are many happy times ahead. Expect more to come, we'll say at least 2 posts a week. If I'm not here than you can always say hello on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram which are linked to right of this page! That's it from me, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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