Sunday, 17 August 2014

♥ Thinking Positive - #17 ♥

Hello everyone,

I honestly don't know why I haven't written a 'Thinking Positive' post in so long! But I'm back with one now..

If you follow me on Instagram (the link is to the right of this page!), you would have already seen this lovely quote. When something is so funny or wonderful we laugh because we possibly can't hold in
the joy and laughter. Remembering something like that makes me realise how special life is, and how important it is to laugh and smile everyday. Whether it's a person, TV show or even yourself that makes you laugh, it shows that you're happy. Yesterday I came back from a holiday full of fun and laughter with my family, which made me very happy! I'm not to sure what the message of this post is, I just think that laughing is one of life's little or greatest pleasures. Aside from the amount of sadness in the worlds, as of course there are times for tears, there is a bigger amount of things to be happy and laugh about. Sometimes we end up crying with laughter because there is so much joy.

How wonderful is it that we laugh because our bodies cannot contain the joy!


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