Tuesday, 15 July 2014

♥ No make-up... and liking it! ♥

Hello Everyone, 

Some girls, and women, would never want to be seen without make-up on. I can understand why, putting on make-up can instantly lift you up and make you feel more confident. Most of the time I wear make-up, seeing as fair amount of this blog is based beauty! However, recently I've started to feel completely fine with leaving the house with no make up. It's so nice to give your face a break for a while, and let your natural beauty shine through. I've realized that no one really cares whether you have make-up on or not, their just minding their own business, getting on with their own lives. Your family and true friends won't notice a difference either, as it's your personality that really counts, and they love you! If you can't possibly face going bare-faced, try just using one or two absolute essentials like mascara and concealer. Otherwise, you are naturally beautiful, believe it! And after all...



  1. You look amaziinnng!!!!
    Keep in touch..
    xx Antonella

  2. Beautiful! I love being au naturale. Sometimes skin needs to breathe.

    I've nominated you for the liebster award over at my blog, check it out if you like. :) xo

    Molly Louise Blogs xo



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