Saturday, 26 October 2013

Autumn and Winter Nail Polishes

Hello Everyone!
As you can see form the title, today I am going to show you my essential nail polishes for the Autumn and Winter. For me, this time of year is all about darker, neutral colours, colours like the leaves on my nails. I also love shimmery/glittery nails, especially for Christmas! Here is my selection:

"Khaki Madness" from H&M is a beautiful Khaki colour with a gold shimmer to it. One of my favourites!
"St. James" from Nails Inc. I think that red is an essential colour for the winter, it reminds me of Christmas!
 "Lucky Penny" from Avon is one of my favourites. This shimmery orange colour a similar colour to the leaves falling of the trees, which is why it's a perfect colour for Autumn.
 "Raspberry" from Barry M. You can't really go wrong with a Burgundy nail polish as it's such a popular colour at this time of year.
"Cappuccino" from Barry M. I would say it's as brownish grey colour, a lovely neutral colour if you don't want to wear a huge pop of colour.

 "Golden Vision" from Avon is a very glittery gold. It's perfect for Christmas. It looks great on it's own and also on top of other colours like red.
                                    "Victoria Street" from Nails Inc., is a lovely metallic grey.

"Noir Emerald" from Avon is beautiful, shimmery dark green. This colour appears to be very popular for Autumn and Winter, especially with clothes!

"Black" from Barry M is my final pick. I think black is a great colour for winter as it's very dark. Also, it looks amazing with glittery nail polish over it to add a bit of colour.
So there are some of my top Autumn and Winter nail polishes. Look out for a lookbook post coming soon! What are your top nail polishes for this time of year?
Bye For Now! 



  1. Barry M "Cappuccino" is so nice, think I'll be picking that up for autumn/winter!
    becky (new follower)


  2. gorgeous collection!!
    My favorite is the Raspberry colour! :)


  3. The Barry M colours and the Nails Inc red are my favourites, I would buy them all in a heartbeat!
    I really love your blog, you have great beauty suggestions and your layout is amazing!
    You have a new follower, follow back? :)
    Jess from http://theadorabledork.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Barry M is my favourite brand for nail polishes. Thank you, I'm so glad you like my blog. Yours is lovely, too! Sorry for the extremely late reply haha :)



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