Friday, 26 July 2013

My Style

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would write about my style. Since fashion will be a key feature of my blog, introducing you to my style would give a good idea of what's to come!

I would say my style is quite feminine, girly and cute. When I'm shopping I'm always drawn to vintage looking things, cute, casual dresses and floral print and items like that. I own lots of floral print because I think it's so pretty and suitable for all year round. Everything including pastels, bright colours, spots and stripes, monochrome and just plain, simple clothes can be found in my wardrobe!

My favourite things to wear are probably dresses. They are so comfortable and you can wear them casually or for a special occasion, and at any time of year! Pairing a feminine top with shorts, jeans, skirts or leggings is also one of my favourite things to do. Scarves and snoods are lovely accessories that I like to wear, especially in the colder months! In Autumn and Winter I love wearing thick jumpers with jeans or leggings and boots to keep me warm along with a cute little hat on my head.

 As I mentioned in my last post, my style icon is Taylor Swift. She also has a vintage, feminine style which is different to other celebrities out there.  I love the dresses she wears and also her hair and make-up. So when I'm out shopping, I'll picking things out that are similar to Taylor's style and add them to my wardrobe. I'm also a big fan of her music, too!

When it comes to make-up, I like it quite natural looking and girly, I wear brown eyeliner for a softer look  and when I wear eye shadow I stick to neutral colours. Most of the time I put a pink lipstick or lip gloss on. I enjoy doing my hair a lot. I love doing all sorts of things like curling, straightening, braids etc. One of my favourite looks is loose, messy beach waves!

So I hope you enjoyed that little look into my style, I hope to create a post about some of my favourite outfits I like to wear soon! However, I won't be putting any posts up from tomorrow until next Sunday as I'm going on holiday with my family which is going to be great! But I'll be back soon!

Bye For Now!



  1. aw I enjoyed reading this post from you! your blog is so cute! I love Taylor's style too I think she dresses really classy. Keep up the good work. Don't forget to check out my blog if you have chance xxxx I've added you to my circle (: www.momentsofbeautywars.blogspot.co.uk

  2. aw, thank you! just checked out your blog, it's really good!xxx



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